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If you have a common illness or injury, skip the long waits at the Emergency Room and walk right into our clinic for immediate medical treatment.

In addition, we also provide many occupational health services such as physicals for school and work, a variety of lab tests, and more. For your convenience,

From pain relievers to antibiotics and m

ore, we carry a variety of pharmaceuticals at low prices. Save time & money by getting your prescriptions from us.

Therapies We Offer

  • IV infusion
  • Injectable medications
  • EKG
  • Stitches, staples and skin glue
  • Labs
  • Physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Wound care
  • Ear lavage
  • Incision and drainage
  • Nebulizer treatments
  • Well woman exams

Illnesses and Injuries We Treat

  • Illnesses:
    • Abscess incision and drainage
    • Allergic reactions
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Athlete’s foot/fungus infection
    • Bronchitis
    • Burns from heat or chemical exposure
    • Congestion
    • Cough
    • Diaper rash
    • Ear infection
    • Earache
    • Eye infection
    • Fever
    • Flu symptoms
    • Gastrointestinal disorders
    • Insect bites
    • Itchy skin
    • Migraine
    • Nausea
    • Rashes
    • Runny nose
    • Sinus infection
    • Skin allergy
    • Skin infections
    • Sore throat
    • STD testing and treatment
    • Stomachaches and stomach pains
    • Urinary tract infections
    • Wound infection

    Less severe injuries don’t require a trip to the emergency room, so get the immediate treatment you deserve and save money by letting us take care of your injuries!


    • Burns from heat or chemical exposure
    • Fractures
    • Lacerations
    • Removal of superficial foreign objects
    • Splints
    • Sprains
    • Stitches/Suturing/Stapling
    • Strains
    • Wound infection
    • Occupational medicine:
    • Work injuries
    • Work physicals
    • DOT CDL Physical

Infusion Services

  • IV fluids for dehydration
  • IV antibiotics for common infections such as UTI
  • Prolonged antibiotics for more complex infections such as osteomyelitis
  • IV medications for osteoporosis such as Reclast and Boniva
  • Other IV injectable medications prescribed by your doctor can be administered
On-site Laboratory
  • Strep, flu and RSV screening
  • Urinalysis and urine pregnancy test
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Urine drug screens
  • We also offer lab draw to send out for evaluation
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